Tuesday, 12 May 2020

More light at the end of the tunnel.

Almost completed my Soviets for Cold War Commander. This is the last tank unit I had left to do. This is a battalion of T55AMVs by Heroics and Ros (SM128). One of their newer casts and is a beautiful sculpt and great value at £0.75 ( as of May 2020)

This just leaves a battalion of infantry and their supports and thats about it.

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Light at the end of the tunnel.

After some not inconsiderable time I now appear to be getting close to completing my Soviets for Cold War Commander.I have at last completed the final T64 tank regiment for my armored division. This consists of 3 battalions , each of 3 companies, all Heroics and Ros.

T64 regiment.

3 HQ stands
Also completed is a further battalion of BTR60s. Aswel as 2 HQs for the heavy recce companies and a recovery vehicle.
BTR60 battalion

AA, Anti tank and support bases.

HQ, all Scotia models

HQs for heavy recce coys, all Scotia.
So that just leaves a  battalion of T55AM2Vs and a battalion of infantry with supports to complete and I will possibly will call it  a day for the Soviets. When the lockdown restrictions are relaxed I will try and get to the Grimsby club and get them all set out and take some pics. 
So what have I left to do regarding my 6mm Cold war project? Quite a bit actualy, some British, Americans and a big box of building to complete!