Sunday, 13 July 2014

West Germans vs Soviets

Infantry heavy for a change, Soviet Motor Rifle vs West German mixed brigade, set in 1985. We managed 5 full turns and decided to continue at a later date, so lots of pics taken.

Soviet 122mm howitzers

BM21 battery

Leopard 2 line the ridge south of the town

West German rear area 
West German medical repair units

Soviets advance on their right flank

Soviet T62s cover the advance on the Soviet left
Leopards leave the ridge to counter the soviet advance
Soviet  attack develops in the centre.

Leopards exchange fire with the T62s on the ridge.

West Germans start to filter more units into the town.

Soviet air attack drifts over its own side.

Soviets poised for the assault await some additional supports.

On the right flank BMPs secure the ridge but stumble into an unmarked mine field.
T62s holding their own against the Leopards
Leopards not having it all their own way, after artillery, tank and Helo fire.
BMPs start to move on Soviet right 

Leopard 1s move to reinforce the tanks in the woods.
West Germans dug in north of the town to protect the German left flank.
the situation at the begining of turn six

The Germans hold the town with the Soviets mustering for an assault

Germans securing the town
Germans start to commit their reserves.

Conscripts in M113s on the move

Soviet right flank

The centre with the soviets moving up reserves from their left.
All in all a very enjoyable game. We decided to play on at a later date and see if we could reach a conclusion.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Trees and Hedges.

With the next Crisis point game due in September I thought it was time to start on some basic terrain items we might need for the game. Some time ago I purchased a bag of 100 trees from a Chinese company on ebay for only a few quid. 

Not the best looking trees, but for 5p each still a bargain. The picture doesn't show it but they are a very bright green. Since you can never have too many trees I have tried to improve them a little with the following results.

Before and after.
  With plenty of PVA glue and some scatter to fill in the spaces between the bands of folliage and then a quick spray with some green paint I now have a tree that looks, to my eye, a bit more like a tree.
 As well as doing some trees I've had a go at some hedges. Lolly sticks for bases  textured with some sand, a quick paint and some Woodland scenics  clump foliage glued onto them. Quick and easy and not too bad looking.

Only a hundred more to go!