Monday 26 November 2012

Soviet Artillery

I have taken some pictures of my Soviet Artillery. The models are all Heroics&Ros or Scotia . Both offer very good mail order turn around and have  massive ranges to choose from.

H&R D-30(SM32)

H&R D-30(SM32)


Scotia D-30(RM0108)

H&R 2S1(SM30)

H&R 2S1(SM30)
H&R 2S3(SM29)

H&R 2S3(SM29)
Scotia 2S19 MISTA(RM0165)

Scotia 2S19 MISTA(RM0165)
H&R BM21(SM35)
H&R BM21(SM35)
Scotia S23 and AT-T tractor(RM0102 and RM0025)

Scotia S23 and AT-T tractor(RM0102 and RM 0025)
Scotia 2S4(RM0157)

Scotia 2S4(RM0157)

Scotia 2S4(RM0157)
H&R FROG 7(SM36)
This covers the regular Soviet field artillery and also the specialist "High Power" artillery in the form of the S23 180mm gun and the 2S4 Sp 240mm mortar. Next time "Soviet Air Defence".

Sunday 18 November 2012

WIP| American units part 2

First up are a battalion of M2 Bradley  Infantry Fighting Vehicles (USM 10).

M2 Battalion and HQ

The HQ is an M2 and an M577 and a couple of figures.

HQ M2 and M577

Close up of the M2 Bradly by Heroics and Ros.

M2 Bradley

M2 Bradley

To go with the M60 tank battalions are an infantry battalion in M113s (USM11).

M113s and HQ
The HQ is an M113 and an M577

HQ M113 and M577
Two battalions worth of infantry all from "US Infantry in new helmets" (M10)

Infantry battalions
The infantry are supported by , from front to back, TOW ATGWs, Heavy Machine guns And Dragon ATGWs.All are from "US Infantry Support-New Helmets"(M11)

Support Weapons
They also have indirect fire support from some mortar carriers. Two types are used, the medium M125(USM54), and the heavier M106(USM20).

M125 and M106
Also available are a number of anti tank units. The older M113+TOW(USM16) and the newer M901 Improved TOW Vehicle(USM15).

M113+TOW(front) and M901 ITV(rear)
To support both the Armour and the Infantry are a company of engineers in M35 trucks(USM40)

engineer company
Heavier engineering equipment comes in the form of an M728 CEV(USM33), an M88 ARV(USM35) and a M60 AVLB(USM37).

M728 and M88

M728 and M88


M60 AVLB with bridge removed
Finally all are supported by the artillery. this consists of M901A1 SPGs(USM25) and an M110 A2 SPG(USM22)

M109s and single M110

That's all the US models on my work bench at the moment, hopefully they'll be ready for a game in January 2013! Still in a bag are a couple of M10 warthogs and 2 Huey Cobras once they're on their flight stands I'll post some pictures. Still need to order three MLRS rocket launchers and some recce and that should be about it.

Sunday 11 November 2012

WIP | American units part 1.

After much deliberation I  decided to do an American Army circa 1985 as an opfor to my Soviets. The rules we use at the Grimsby club are the Cold War Commander rules by Peter Jones, and my units are organised with these rules in mind. The orbat I've used is adapted from one listed on the Fire and fury site . All the orbats on this site are easily adapted to CWC, the Soviet ones being very good.  My units are all based in the same way, on 2mm precut mdf, from Warbases. I've found them to be consistent quality wise and their service is also excellent. All the models listed are Heroics and Ros.  

 First up is the CO, Forward Air Controller and Forward Artillery observer.The Co stand consists of an M113 (USM11), an M577(USM14), a Hummer Personnel Carrier(USM42) and 3 figures from the US infantry in New Helmets set (M10) on a 40mmx40mm base. The FAC is a Hummer Personnel Carrier on a 2 pence piece. The FAO come in two types, one is an M113 the other is an M901 Improved TOW Vehicle(USM15) converted into a Fire Support Team(FIST) artillery observer vehicle. This is identical to a M901, it just has more aerials! All on 2p pieces.

CO, FAC and FAOs

Looking at the orbat, the Americans didn't seem to go very big on air dfence units. The priciple air defence unit consists of  M730 Chapparral(USM31) and Stinger teams in Hummers. The Stinger teams are from US Infantry Support-New Helmets(M11). The vehicles are mounted on 20mmx40mm bases and the stinger teams on 20mmx20mm bases.

M730 Chapparrel and Singer teams in Hummers
M730 Chapparrel and Singer teams in Hummers

 As the US Army was undergoing a number of changes in the mid 80s, with the gradual introduction of new equipment and a general program of improvments, I've organised my Armour accordingly. The most modern tank in the US invantory is the M1 Abrams(USM02). Iam going to have two HQs per tank battalion to give them some flexability. The HQs are an M1 and an M577 on a 30mmx20mm base.

M1 tank battalion and HQs
HQ(M1 and M577)

M1 company


The tank the M1 was to replace was the M60A3(USM05). In the mid 80s both types were still in use so;

M60A3 tank battalion and HQs
HQ (M60A3 and M577)
M60A3 company


Next post the Infantry, Artillery and supports.

Sunday 4 November 2012

Soviets on manoeuvres!

Took some of my Soviet kit to the Grimsby club last week and Malc Johnson, who also runs the club web site, took some pictures. All staged for the camera, they reminded me of the pictures you see of the Soviets on manoeuvres during the cold war.

2S1 Gvozika 122mm spg

More bridging!
Su27 provides fighter cover
Mil8 flight following the road.
Yet more bridging units
2S19 "MSTA-S" spg
Mixed column of FROG 7s and 2S19s