Friday, 29 March 2013

So near..... Spar. Just finished a generic mini market and some more houses. Some where for my Russians to liberate  weak capitalist vodka.

 And some typical German houses.

The houses are Timecast, from their modern Europe range, and the supermarket an Ebay purchase.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Air support.

Completed a couple of pieces . The SU27 "Flanker"(SMA410) is mainly for use in the up coming   Crisis Point, "Arctic Strike" game. The MIL-24 "Hind F"(SMA507) is for more general club games but should see some use at Crisis Point. Both models are from Heroics and Ros.






Buildings, finished.

Finished the Timecast German Apartment Blocks(23/004). Not happy with the car parking markings, but they'll do for now.



These will provide somewhere for NATO forces to hide and the Soviets to pound to bits with artillery! Just noticed how messy my painting area is, I should give it a tidy.

Monday, 11 March 2013

More stuff for Arctic Strike

Things had ground to a bit of a halt recently, but with some new found energy here are some pieces for Arctic Strike  in April. Still unfinished but getting there!
After a bit of a click around I found this site dedicated to Soviet  ECM(Electronic Counter Measures) units . This is my interpretation of a ECM unit for use in Arctic Strike. These would be found as part of the Divisional Recce Battalion. My unit consists of a GAZ66 +Van Body(RM0021),GAZ66+Communications Body(RM0068) and a modified URAL375+Workshop Body(RM0071). All are Scotia models.

ECM unit

ECM unit
I also decided to produce a couple of HQs for the Divisional Anti Aircraft Regiment. these will consist of a Long Track Radar(RM00156) and a BTR60 PU 12(RM0058), also by Scotia.This will be used to control a number of SA6 or SA8 batteries.


Also on the work bench is some assorted Armour, because you cant have too many tanks when you play Soviets.
T72 battalion with HQ. this consists of T72M(SM03) and BRDM2u(SM78), both by Heroics and Ros. The minerollers are SM85.

T72 Battalion and HQ
Slightly older T62M(SM59) and BRDM2(SM22) and T62+minerollers(SM46).

T62 coy and HQ
Even older are T55(SM06) with a BRDM2u on the HQ stand.

T55 coy and HQ
About the same age of the T55s are these PT-76s(RM0153) by Scotia.

PT-76 coy
Some additional Anti Aircraft units ZSU23-4 "Shilka"(RM0135) and a SA6 "Gainful"(RM0123), all are by Scotia.
Shilkas and SA6
Finally some blurred pics, sorry, of a H&R Mil24-Hind F(SMA507). I will add this to the other two I have to give NATO something to worry about!

Just need to finish the base, give it a varnish and it's good to go.