Sunday, 21 April 2013

Arctic Strike - The Pics

I was lucky enough to be involved with Crisis Point 2-"Arctic Strike". Very enjoyable weekend, made all the better for a overall WarPac victory. I didn't take that many pictures, but here's what I have. All were taken on day two on the Bjerkvik and Bodo table.
Yak 38 over flies Naval Infantry around Bjervik 

Medical unit attached to Naval infantry brigade, Bjervic

Mil8s ready to transport Spetznas units.

Part of the air defence regiment take up position on the outskirts of Bodo

T72s of the MRR move out of Bodo, after being landed at the docks.
SA6 SAM regiment with Radars

BMP2s strike out from Bodo into the open countryside beyond.
T72s on the move, BTR60  "TAC P" ready to call in air cover.
The excellent buildings on the Bodo table where scratch build by Richard Philips. To see more of his excellent work visit and, both are worth a visit.