Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Finished units for Joy of 6.

A short while ago I posted a wip of some Soviet units for the upcoming Joy of 6 show in July. First up some BM21V Grad rocket launchers for my Airborne.

BM21V Grad

BM21V Grad
Also completed are a pair of MT-LBu  Artillery observation stands. 

To complete my SA8 air defence are two more SA8s.

Finally a battalion of T55AM2Bs for my Naval Infantry.



Looking forward to using these in July in the Bjervik display game.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Crisis Point 6, British units Pt2- Engineer Fv432s

I was fortunate to win some models on Ebay, 10 FV432+Rarden Turret. Great I thought until I realised The British Army only made 13 and they were used by the Berlin Brigade! So what to do with 10 models I couldn't use? The hulls with a little work could be used for ambulances but also for transport for my engineers. At a recent military vehicle show I saw this, an FV432 with a stowage "bin" over the rear hatch.

So I decided to make 3 of these;

The addition of some stowage and a cammo net hides the hole were the turret would have been.

Crisis Point 6, British units pt1- Parachute Battalion.

This years Crisis Point game is "The Battle for Hannover". This year I have decided to play as British and field units from the British Army of the Rhine. Part of the forces I might deploy are a battalion of the Parachute Regiment, 3 companies of para infantry and supports.

3 Coys Para infantry

Mortars, Machine guns, Blowpipe SAM and Engineers.

Anti tank coy, Milans and transports

HQ and artillery observer.


Sunday, 3 May 2015

WW2 scratch game , using Rapid Fire.

 Had a short notice, bring what you fancy Rapid fire game using my Americans and Danny's late war Germans. All terrain provided by Grimsby Wargames Club . I arrived first and set up the table. I thought it would be a good idea to place a river and 2 bridges, somthing I immediately regretted once we started the game.


All in all a good game, called it a draw  as the Germans had lost 1 infantry battalion and the 2nd was stretched quite thinly and the Americans had got a toe hold in the town but had yet to take control of it. The rivers seriously impeded the American advance so their armour was relegated to a supporting roll, leaving the infantry to gain control of the bridges.