Monday, 24 December 2012

Its that time of year again!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Lets hope Santa leaves lots of  lead goodies under the tree!                                                                                                        

Friday, 21 December 2012

Soviet Bridge layers.

In addition to the Bridging and amphibious units I also have some bridgelayers to deal with small rivers and streams as well as tank ditches etc. Once again a mixture of manufacturers.
Skytrex produce a MTU Bridgelayer (M721). This appears to be a MTU 20. I've left the folding ramps off to make it more "playable".
MTU Bridgelayer
Heroics and Ros  produce an MT55 Bridgelayer (SM47). Scotia make a nice model of a TMM Bridgelayer (RM0024), which are often found with non armoured units.
MT55 and TMM bridgelayers

Bridges deployed.
Next post Engineers and Engineering vehicles.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Soviet Bridging Units.

The ability to cross water and other obstacles is a must for any modern army, especially one on the attack. Most of my bridging is by Scotia and Skytrex , with a few pieces by Heroics&Ros. Unfortunately Skytrex's recent price rise, coupled with  their high postal charges , now mean they are no longer good value for money compared to other manufacturers. A shame as they did some models not available else where.
Skytrex's TPP Heavy Pontoon Bridge (M775).The models shown are an amalgamation of two packs. The ramps are from the Skytrex MTU bridge layer.
TPP Pontoon Bridge
A much nicer offering comes from Scotia and consists of a PMP Bridge Centre Section (RM0022) and a PMP Bridge Ramp Section (RM0023). The two bridging companies each consist of two ramp sections and three centre sections.Scotia also do a nice model of a BMK-T Bridging Boat and truck (RM0099), and a BMK-T bridging Boat, waterline model,(RM0100). The boats are used to nudge and hold the pontoons in place during construction. 

PMP Bridging coys
PMP Bridging coys





BMK-T (waterline)

Skytrex also do a model of a PTS-M heavy amphibian but this is incorrectly described as a BTS-M Heavy Amphibian (M773). A useful model as they are also used by Soviet Naval Infantry units.

Finally Skytrex model a GSP Amphibious Ferry (M774). I decided to model this as a deployed waterline model, after grinding away with a dremel for 20 minutes. As it stands the models cannot easily be shown in the travelling configuration as the base of the model that forms the upper section is lacking in detail and had a manufacturers code cast into it. A shame as I don't think any one else makes one.

GSP ferry

GSP ferry
   As you can see I don't paint water! Next post will be Tank bridges and then Engineering units.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Soviet Air Defence units

An integrated air defence system forms a crucial part of any modern war games army, even more so if you play Soviets. Generally, unless you are very lucky, your opponent will have partial or full air superiority. This is generally bad news for the Soviet player as the higher command values given to NATO forward air controllers means they are vulnerable to air attack. This is were air defence becomes important.
The most basic form of air defence is the ZPU-23 (work in progress).

H&R ZPU-23(SM48).

H&R ZPU-23(SM48)
The ZPU-23 can be found mounted on a number of vehicles.

Scotia MTLB+Twin 23mmAA (RM0176)

Scotia MTLB+Twin23mmAA
It is also mounted on a BTR-D  to give a BTR-ZD or BTR-3D airborne AA vehicle. These are some conversions for my Soviet Airborne.

H&R BTR-D(SM21)+ZPU-23(SM48)


The most common air defence units are the hand held SAM teams using SA7/14/etc. these are from H&R M4 Warsaw Pact Infantry Support and M7 Soviet Airborne packs.

SA7 teams

SA7 teams
At  battalion/regimental level a combination of  vehicle mounted SAMs and mobile AA gun systems are used.

H&R ZSU -23-4 "Shilka" (SM37)

ZSU-23-4 "Shilka"

H&R SA9 "Gaskin"(SM42) and Scotia BRDM+SA9(RM0019)

1 H&R SA9 and 3Scotia SA9
H&R SA8 "Gecko"(SM41)

H&R SA8 "Gecko"(SM41)

H&R SA13 "Gopher"(SM43)

H&R SA13"Gopher"(SM43)
H&R SA6"Gainful"(SM40) and Scotia Straight Flush Radar(RM0124)
SA6 and Straight Flush Radar
These next couple of models illustrates how two manufacturers can produce quite different models of the same subject. The biggest difference is the absence of a radar dish and the way the 30mm cannons have been modelled on the Scotia model, also the turret appears a little flat. I much prefer the H&R offering.

Scotia 2S6 SPAA(RM0131) and H&R "2S6M "Tunguska"(SM65)

Scotia 2S6 SPAA and H&R 2S6M "Tunguska"
Some very nice models available from Heroics and Ros and Scotia. I am very impressed with H&R's SA8 "Gecko" and SA13"Gopher" models, very nice multi-part castings.