Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Bartletts Farm- 1863, more Acw at the Grimsby club.

For the first game of 2017 Danny and myself decided to give The Bartlett Farm scenario from the Black Powder American Civil War supplement "Glory, Hallelujah!". As usual I would supply the Rebs and Danny the Union. We set the table up using the terrain and buildings we have on hand at the Grimsby Wargames society venue and managed a good representation of the map from the book. The scenario plays quite well but the Union reinforcements all arrived on turn 2 so the Rebs very quickly found themselves outnumbered. If we played this one again we would make it a little harder for the Union to get their reinforcements needing a 5 or 6 rather than  4,5 or 6. That said the Rebs pushed on and broke 1 union brigade and blooded 2 more and earned a draw.

A very enjoyable game and a great way to kick off 2017.