Wednesday 30 January 2013

Airborne Units- BTR-RD

With the up coming Arctic Strike game I decided to try a  conversion of a BTR-D into a BTR-RD "Robot" anti tank vehicle for my Soviet Airborne anti tank company.

 This was quite a simple conversion as it only consisted of adding the missile tube and launch post to a H&R BTR-D(SM21). This was done using a piece of brass rod and a off cut of plastic rod.



  Also in use by the Soviet Airborne, and later on Soviet Naval Infantry units, are the 2S9  "NONA-S" 120mm  Airborne Mortar carrier (SM70). These are also by H&R.

2S9  NONA 

Sunday 27 January 2013


Having a couple of spare BTR60s  I thought I might have a go at making a pair of Tactical Air Command Post variants.  Google failed to turn up many images, but a visit to the Skytrex website turned up this;

Skytrex  BTR60 TACP
After a bit of a chop about  I've come up with these;

Simply remove the MG and place a flat piece of plastic card on the front of the turret. The support for the auxiliary generator is a piece of thin plastic card bent at 90 degrees and glued in place. I took a bit of a liberty with the generators and used square plastic rod and a few off cuts to make them more interesting. I'll post some more pictures once they are finished.

Friday 25 January 2013

Support Units.

These are the extra units found as part of a BTR based motor rifle battalion and form the anti tank and air defence companies. All figures are Heroics And Ros, and are from packs M4 Warsaw pact support and M7 Soviet Airborne( SPG9s).
Air defence consists of hand held SA7 SAMs.

Anti-Tank consists of SPG9 recoiless rifles and AT4 "Spigot" ATGWs. 

SPG9 Recoiless Rifle

Additional Anti-Tank defence may be provided by unit of H&R T12 100mm A/T Guns(SM31).

H&R T12 A/T 

Soviet APCs and MICVs. Part2 BMPs.

When the first BMP appeared in 1967 it caused a real stir amongst NATO observers. Here was the first Mechanised Infantry Combat Vehicle, one which would influence military design for decades to come. I have three Motor Rifle (BMP) battalions, equivalent to a regiment. One is in BMP1s and Two are in the more capable BMP2s. The first HQ consists of a BMP-1 KSH Command(SM76) and a BMP1(SM09). The second HQ is a BMP2(SM10)  with a few infantry figures, all by H&R.

BMP1s(SM09) by H&R


BMP2s(SM10) by H&R

Scotia also do a nice model of a BMP2(RM0052) shown along side the H&R model.

Scotia and H&R BMP2
Finally pictures of a Scotia BMP3(RM0143) with a  H&R BMP3(SM64). The BMP3 is the latest incarnation of the BMP family and appeared in 1990, too late to see service during the Cold War.

Scotis and H&R BMP3s
Scotia and H&R BMP3s
The Sotia model is quite a bit larger than the H&R offering so probably wouldn't mix well together. That said both are very good models with plenty of detail.

Thursday 24 January 2013

Soviet APCs and MICVs. Part 1 BTRs.

The Soviet and WarPac armies of the '80s employed a variety of wheeled and tracked armoured personal carriers to enable their infantry to keep pace with their tanks. As a result of their more complex design and increased cost there were never enough tracked APCs to fulfil the armies requirements. Wheeled APCs continued to be the most common form of transport for many units, the most common of which was the BTR60. For pictures of my BTR60s and solitary BTR70 see my earlier post . The next in the BTR family is the BTR80. These form the basis of 2 of my 3 Motor Rifle Battalions, which also double up for Naval Infantry. 
 The CO stand consists of a BTR80 UR Sn Command vehicle(SM90), a BTR60 PA Cmmd(SM77) and a BRDM 2u(SM78) all by Heroics And Ros.

CO Stand
 The 2 Hq stands consist of  a BTR80 UR Sn(SM90) and a H&R BRDM2(SM22). The other is a Scotia BTR80U(Rm0167) and a H&R GAZ69 field car(SM49).

HQ stands

The first battalion consists of Scotia BTR80 A+25mm cannon(RM0168). Technically these didn't enter service till the '90s, but I'd got the models before doing any proper research. I've also added a pair of H&R BTR80s(SM66) for the support companies.  


From this angle you can see the H&R BTR80 is slightly larger than the Scotia BTR80 A.

Scotia BTR80 A and H&R BTR80
My second battalion is all H&R BTR80s, but painted typical soviet green.



Monday 7 January 2013

Heroics and Ros BTR60 PA

A quick picture of the H&R BTR60 PA (SM77), to show the components. Assembly is quite straight forward as long as the longer "T" shaped part of the aerial has cast fully. If not it could be replaced with wire or, as I've done gently bend the shorter "T" pieces back so they contact.

Sunday 6 January 2013

Bits and pieces.

I was fortunate to get given some new models for Christmas. I've even managed to get some finished as well as based and under coated. Being in basic Soviet green these models can be finished quite quickly. With Arctic Strike in mind I've cracked on with another infantry battalion, this time in Heroics&Ros BTR60s(SM16). 3 infantry companies, an ATGW platoon and a SPG9 recoilless rifle platoon as well as an HQ.The HQ consists of a BTR-60PA command vehicle (SM77) and a BRDM2u command vehicle (SM78).
BTR60 battalion

BTR60 company  and support company to the rear.
BRDM2u and BTR60 PA

 Here are a couple of comparison shots between Scotia's BTR60 PB(RM0056) and H&R's(SM16).

Scotia and H&R BTR60s

Scotia and H&R BTR60s
I've also got an odd model of a H&R BTR70 (SM15).


 Finally some additional fire support for my airborne, a company of H&R ASU85s(SM27).
H&R ASU85s

H&R ASU85s
Next post will possibly be APCs and MICVs, so BTR80s and BMP1s and 2s.

Naval Helicopters For Arctic Strike 2013

Having had these on the go for a while I thought it was time to get these finished. A pair of KA27-"HELIX B" helicopters (SMA404) by Heroics&Ros. These will be used to support my Soviet Naval Infantry brigade, either as transport or fire support depending on the situation. They can also be used to insert my Spetsnaz/Naval Combat Divers special forces units prior to a beach assault.
H&R KA27-"Helix B"

H&R KA27-"Helix-B"
Combined with a Yak 38 "Forger" these complete my aircraft for my Naval units.

Soviet Engineering Vehicles.

To compliment the bridging units and also deal with other engineering tasks the soviets use a number of specialist vehicles. First up are the H&R(SM83) and Scotia(RM0027) versions of the T55 based IMR combat engineers vehicle .Both are nice models though the Scotia model is a fraction larger than the H&R offering, in keeping with the rest of their tanks.
H&R and Scotia IMR CEV

H&R and Soctia IMR CEV
Scotia also produce two specialist versions of the MTLB . MTLB Engineers vehicle(RM0173) and MTP-LB(RM0172).
MTP-LP & MTLB Engineers vehicle

MTP-LB & MTLB Engineers vehicle

Finally to deal with those NATO mine fields we have some MTK 2 Mine Counter Measures vehicles by H&R (SM75)