Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Crisis Point 6, British units Pt4- Challengers and Chieftains.

A few quick pictures of some more units for September's game. Completed the Challengers a few years ago and still have the support units to complete.

 Also completed another regiment of Chieftains. I decided to add some camo netting to these to distinguish them from my previously completed units.



Like the Challengers I still have the supports to complete. Next up Infantry in FV432s.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Crisis Point 6, British units Pt3- Chieftain Regiment.

I completed these about 5 years ago as an opfor for my Soviets when I first started playing Cold War Commander. These cold war warriors will form part of my British Armored Brigade at the Crisis point game in September. The regiment consists of 12 Chieftain tanks(BM03), an HQ,an FAC in a landrover(BM32) ,an FAO in a FV432+Cymbeline radar(BM11), a Guided weapons troop in FV432+Swingfire(BM24) and a pair of Scorpion tanks(BM05) used as recce. All models are Heroics and Ros.

Chieftain Tanks

Chieftains MBTs
Guided weapons troop and Recce troop 

Next up Challenger Regiment.