Saturday, 30 April 2022

Ready to Roll Marder 3s

 Dan and myself are planning a Rapid Fire game at the Grimsby Wargames Society ciub in a couple of weeks time. We are looking to use one of the scenarios from Richard Marsh and Colin Rumfords excelent Normandy Battlegames scenario book. The one we are going for is Across The Elle- June13th/14th 1944. Looking at the orbat we realised niether of us had a Marder self propelled gun! Looking through my resin stash I realised I had 2 of the Raventhorpe/ Ready To Roll models. These are avilable from the Rapid fire website Very good wargaming models with very little cleaning up required.

Quick paint job and just the crews to complete.

Friday, 15 April 2022 last!

Started these whilst in lock down. All based for Rapid Fire. Figures are by Tony Barton and available from Eureka Miniatures.

HQ unit

Heavy Weapons

3 Infantry companies

Medic, flamethrower and sniper.

 Just need to complete a 57mm anti tank gun and this battalion is complete.