Monday 21 September 2015

Crisis point 6- More British.

Jut a few quick pics of some of the British units I have just got finished for the weekend game. I'll post some better pics with proper descriptions in the near future. 


Scimitars, Spartans and Strikers

Engineering Units

Artillery, Observers and HQs



Scorpion and Challengers

Challengers and HQs
Still a few units to complete, but every thing should be ready for The big day. 

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Crisis Point 6, British units Pt4- Challengers and Chieftains.

A few quick pictures of some more units for September's game. Completed the Challengers a few years ago and still have the support units to complete.

 Also completed another regiment of Chieftains. I decided to add some camo netting to these to distinguish them from my previously completed units.



Like the Challengers I still have the supports to complete. Next up Infantry in FV432s.

Friday 5 June 2015

Crisis Point 6, British units Pt3- Chieftain Regiment.

I completed these about 5 years ago as an opfor for my Soviets when I first started playing Cold War Commander. These cold war warriors will form part of my British Armored Brigade at the Crisis point game in September. The regiment consists of 12 Chieftain tanks(BM03), an HQ,an FAC in a landrover(BM32) ,an FAO in a FV432+Cymbeline radar(BM11), a Guided weapons troop in FV432+Swingfire(BM24) and a pair of Scorpion tanks(BM05) used as recce. All models are Heroics and Ros.

Chieftain Tanks

Chieftains MBTs
Guided weapons troop and Recce troop 

Next up Challenger Regiment.

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Finished units for Joy of 6.

A short while ago I posted a wip of some Soviet units for the upcoming Joy of 6 show in July. First up some BM21V Grad rocket launchers for my Airborne.

BM21V Grad

BM21V Grad
Also completed are a pair of MT-LBu  Artillery observation stands. 

To complete my SA8 air defence are two more SA8s.

Finally a battalion of T55AM2Bs for my Naval Infantry.



Looking forward to using these in July in the Bjervik display game.

Monday 25 May 2015

Crisis Point 6, British units Pt2- Engineer Fv432s

I was fortunate to win some models on Ebay, 10 FV432+Rarden Turret. Great I thought until I realised The British Army only made 13 and they were used by the Berlin Brigade! So what to do with 10 models I couldn't use? The hulls with a little work could be used for ambulances but also for transport for my engineers. At a recent military vehicle show I saw this, an FV432 with a stowage "bin" over the rear hatch.

So I decided to make 3 of these;

The addition of some stowage and a cammo net hides the hole were the turret would have been.

Crisis Point 6, British units pt1- Parachute Battalion.

This years Crisis Point game is "The Battle for Hannover". This year I have decided to play as British and field units from the British Army of the Rhine. Part of the forces I might deploy are a battalion of the Parachute Regiment, 3 companies of para infantry and supports.

3 Coys Para infantry

Mortars, Machine guns, Blowpipe SAM and Engineers.

Anti tank coy, Milans and transports

HQ and artillery observer.


Sunday 3 May 2015

WW2 scratch game , using Rapid Fire.

 Had a short notice, bring what you fancy Rapid fire game using my Americans and Danny's late war Germans. All terrain provided by Grimsby Wargames Club . I arrived first and set up the table. I thought it would be a good idea to place a river and 2 bridges, somthing I immediately regretted once we started the game.


All in all a good game, called it a draw  as the Germans had lost 1 infantry battalion and the 2nd was stretched quite thinly and the Americans had got a toe hold in the town but had yet to take control of it. The rivers seriously impeded the American advance so their armour was relegated to a supporting roll, leaving the infantry to gain control of the bridges.