Sunday, 17 February 2013

More Works in progress.

Picked up some of Timecasts  excellent  apartment blocks(23/004) from their modern range. All based on mdf with embossed plastic card for the paving. Speaking to them at the York show  they are hoping to release some more modern buildings later on in the year.
front view
Front view close up

Rear view close up
I have also started on the final MIL24 "HIND F"(SMA507),  from Heroics and Ros , for my attack helicopter squadron. A very nice model, cleanly cast with virtually no flash and simple to assemble.

H&R MIL24 "F"

H&R MIL24 "F"

H&R MIL24 "F"

BTR60 TACP-Finished

Finlay finished the two  BTR60 tactical air command post (TACP) conversions  I started a while back. These will be used as forward air controllers for my soviets. They would usually only have the one but in a very large game two might be justified.

Part of the back edge of the base is painted sky blue to signify their "air controller" roll. This also helps distinguish them from my artillery observers who have a red flash on the back edge of their bases.

Sunday, 10 February 2013


I've been working on a few buildings recently. One piece is a generic office block for our club games, the other a specialist mini diorama for Arctic Strike in April.
The office block started as a Hovels Russian block of flats 9R/300 from their 1/300th range.   This may be old model as it does not have the quality of detailing and sharpness of casting found with manufacturers such as Timecast. That said there were  virtually no bubbles or blows to clean up and the base had been trimmed nice and flat. After mounting on an MDF base painting didn't take long, the fiddliest bits being the windows. Subconsciously I've used the same colours as the Hovels model on the website! The hedge is pan scourer painted green. All I  have left to do is add some cars and make a suitable looking company sign.

The field repair and maintenance section for my soviets is intended for the Arctic Strike game at Crisis Point 2 in April. I've tried to show the maintenance section utilising an abandoned farm or industrial site. The open fronted shed is scratch built from plastic card, the railings are N scale fencing and the tree home made using Woodland scenics tree armatures and foliage. The tanks are Scotia that I've had lying around for ages so I'm not sure of the codes.

 . The vehicle towing the tank is a Scotia M1977 Arv(RM0067), although I think it looks like a BTT1.. The other recovery vehicle is a Scotia T55 ARV(SM0066).  Still need to add some figures and camo net over the Scotia Ural 375 with the workshop Body(RM0071) and it's completed.