Monday, 22 April 2019

More Soviets for Cold War Commander.

Managed to finish some units for my Soviets. I've had these laying around for some time now and with the big CWC game being hosted by the Grimsby Wargames society only 6 months away, I felt it was time to pull my finger out and get them done. The units consist of a regiment of T64BVs  (SMO63) and a battalion of BMP1s  (SMOO9) . The additional vehicles on the command stands are BRDM2Us (SMO78) and a UAZ 469 field car(SMO50). The T64BVs won't be fielded as a single unit but divided amongst my regular T64Bs to give 3 mixed regiments. All the codes are for Heroics and Ros models.

Still lots of Soviets left to do and then on with the Americans and British I have left in the pile.


  1. Cheers mate, something for you're British to shoot at.

  2. Great work. You've got a way with modern Soviet armour to make them look great.

    1. Thanks Andy, that's much appreciated.