Sunday, 1 March 2015

West Germans vs Soviets pt 2

Played some time ago, we decided to fight the previous battle to some kind of a conclusion. We allowed both sides some limited re-deployment. To this end the German player, Danny, filtered more troops into the town to consolidate his hold on that objective and redeployed some of his armour. The Soviets, Andy and myself, dug in on the objective we held and redeployed some infantry and armour for a cunning flank attack.

Germans enter the town.

The soviets hiding in the woods

Germans in the town
The Soviets advance on the German flank drawing them off the objective

The soviets race to seize the objective 

The redeployed Germans.
Germans redeploying

Crossing the river

Soviets race to grab the now vacated objective
...and this is about were we called it. Not shown the soviets deployed onto the crest and occupied the German's abandoned positions, but with no direct armour support Danny started to redeploy his Leopard 2s to support his infantry attempt to retake the objective. We decided on a minor Soviet victory. Figures and vehicles were Dan's and mine, terrain the clubs and my collection.


  1. Nice looking game and report. Thanks for posting.

    What do you use for your fields?

    1. Hi Andy,
      the large fields are carpet tiles. The 2 smaller fields bounded by hedges are MDF covered in tile grout and painted.

    2. They look OK. I might actually roll my CWC stuff out for a game in the near future and a few more fields are needed so may give them a try.

    3. We've found you can't have too many fields or hedges.

  2. Hi Steve,
    Great game and good to see Part Two. Have you persuaded Danny to make the trip to Deeside yet?
    Richard P

  3. Hi Richard,
    I'm working on him as we speak! His West Germans are very nice.