Sunday, 4 November 2012

WIP | US MERDC cammo.

Just started an American force for CWC as additional opponents for my ever growing Soviet hordes. Since I decided to go with a force organised for around about '85, the majority of the units will still be in MERDC. Here are some pics of some H&R M109A1s (code USM 25).I quite like the look of the MERDC but I'm not sure if it's not looking a bit "busy".


Also on the work bench are a couple of H&R KA27 "Helix B" naval helicopters, (code SMA404).

Lurking in the back ground is an HQ stand for  my Mech infantry consisting of a M577 and an M2 Bradley, both H&R (code USM 14 and USM 10 respectively).


  1. Actually, I think that's some of the best MERDC I've ever seen on a miniature!

    1. Thanks for the posative comment, its much appreciated.

  2. I was stationed in Germany in the early 80s, so I got to see plenty of MERDC