Friday, 25 January 2013

Soviet APCs and MICVs. Part2 BMPs.

When the first BMP appeared in 1967 it caused a real stir amongst NATO observers. Here was the first Mechanised Infantry Combat Vehicle, one which would influence military design for decades to come. I have three Motor Rifle (BMP) battalions, equivalent to a regiment. One is in BMP1s and Two are in the more capable BMP2s. The first HQ consists of a BMP-1 KSH Command(SM76) and a BMP1(SM09). The second HQ is a BMP2(SM10)  with a few infantry figures, all by H&R.

BMP1s(SM09) by H&R


BMP2s(SM10) by H&R

Scotia also do a nice model of a BMP2(RM0052) shown along side the H&R model.

Scotia and H&R BMP2
Finally pictures of a Scotia BMP3(RM0143) with a  H&R BMP3(SM64). The BMP3 is the latest incarnation of the BMP family and appeared in 1990, too late to see service during the Cold War.

Scotis and H&R BMP3s
Scotia and H&R BMP3s
The Sotia model is quite a bit larger than the H&R offering so probably wouldn't mix well together. That said both are very good models with plenty of detail.

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