Thursday, 24 January 2013

Soviet APCs and MICVs. Part 1 BTRs.

The Soviet and WarPac armies of the '80s employed a variety of wheeled and tracked armoured personal carriers to enable their infantry to keep pace with their tanks. As a result of their more complex design and increased cost there were never enough tracked APCs to fulfil the armies requirements. Wheeled APCs continued to be the most common form of transport for many units, the most common of which was the BTR60. For pictures of my BTR60s and solitary BTR70 see my earlier post . The next in the BTR family is the BTR80. These form the basis of 2 of my 3 Motor Rifle Battalions, which also double up for Naval Infantry. 
 The CO stand consists of a BTR80 UR Sn Command vehicle(SM90), a BTR60 PA Cmmd(SM77) and a BRDM 2u(SM78) all by Heroics And Ros.

CO Stand
 The 2 Hq stands consist of  a BTR80 UR Sn(SM90) and a H&R BRDM2(SM22). The other is a Scotia BTR80U(Rm0167) and a H&R GAZ69 field car(SM49).

HQ stands

The first battalion consists of Scotia BTR80 A+25mm cannon(RM0168). Technically these didn't enter service till the '90s, but I'd got the models before doing any proper research. I've also added a pair of H&R BTR80s(SM66) for the support companies.  


From this angle you can see the H&R BTR80 is slightly larger than the Scotia BTR80 A.

Scotia BTR80 A and H&R BTR80
My second battalion is all H&R BTR80s, but painted typical soviet green.




  1. I like how your Command vehicles and stands turned out. I am going to try kitbashing a BTR60PA now...

  2. Thanks Dartfrog, I'am going to have a go at converting a BTR60 into a BTR60 TACP forward air controllers vehicle.