Saturday, 2 July 2016

American Civil War at the Grimsby Club.

Played a game of ACW using the Black Powder rules a few weeks back against Danny. The table was set up with a few farms, woods and plenty of fences to give that close terrain ACW look that we like so much. Dan supplied the Union forces and I used my Confederates, the terrain is the clubs and was made by various members. This was basically a line 'em up and set 'em off game, each side having around 20 regiments each, organised into 5 union and 4 Confederate brigades. Dan deployed all his regiments in line and I deployed in column. This initial deployment did have an effect on the early movement as Dan struggled to get going, failing a number of command rolls, whilst the Rebs where able to take advantage of the roads and bonuses given in the rules to units in column  to get to their initial objectives.


All in all a very good game. Even with quite large forces on both sides we managed about 12 turns and we had reached a stage where we could call it a victory for the boys in grey. The 2 Union brigades on either flank had been broken and the Rebs had lost only 1 regiment, though a number had taken casualties. The next game we play we will be trying out the rules suggested in the new "Glory Hallelujah" supplement from Warlord Games,which should sort out some of the anomalies in the original  rules.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

" Listen carefully I will say zis only once"!

I have recently been in contact with a former member of the Grimsby Wargaming Society, Rob,who expressed a wish to get back in to gaming. Rob had put together a very nice 6mm Cold War French force and wanted to give the Cold War Commander ruleset ago. As Rob had never played CWC before I offered to referee and help him with the rules and Andy B would provide his Soviet opposition. Rob's units are GHQ and CnC models, the Soviets are Heroics and Ros, the terrain was mine and the clubs.

All in all a very enjoyable game. The French initially gave as good as they got, but the fragility of the lighter French armor meant they struggled to slug it out with the Soviets. With the bulk of the French infantry ensconced in one of the towns and the Soviets poised to put in a two pronged assault we called it as an overall Soviet victory.   

Crisis Point 6- Some Pictures

Better late than never some pictures from last years Crisis point game. This proved to be the largest game yet with about 300 square feet of playing area. Using the Mat o War cloths from the Grimsby Wargames Society  we were able to cover the whole table, which tied everything together very nicely.

All the terrain Richard Phillips, Andy Canham,Grimsby Wargames Society and my own.