Saturday, 3 June 2017

GRIMSBY - Landjut 2017 Scenario: The Battle! pt1.

As part of the lead up to "The Joy of 6" show and the Cold War Commanders weekend game hosted by the Grimsby Wargames Society in September, Richard Philips provided us with a scenario which can be found here: . Danny would use his West Germans and Andy and myself would use my Soviets.

The Table:
Richard provided some well drawn maps and an indication of the direction the forces where to advance.

Soviets are Red, West Germans Blue

Fortunately we had enough terrain to do the maps justice.

From the east looking west

North looking south, in the centre.

North looking south, German left flank

South looking north,Soviet left flank

South looking north, Soviet right flank.

The Forces: We chose to play 4500pts of West Germans vs 9000pts of Soviets. The exploitation scenario rules only allow the defender, Danny's Germans, to field on table artillery. Contrary to the rules we allowed them to fire "indirect" if the opportunity arose.

West Germans
Dan's West Germans where organised as follows;
CO+Panzer Btn
HQ+ Heavy Jager Btn
FAO+3 155mm M109 batteries
FAC+Tornado(as Phantom)
Attack Helicopter  (Bo.105 PAH-1)
2x Recce
Andy and my soviets where organised follows;
CO+3 BRDM3(AT5 Spandrel)
HQ+Armored Btn
HQ+Armored Btn
HQ+Armored Btn
HQ+Mech Infantry Btn(BMP2)+supports
HQ+Mech Infantry Btn(BMP2)+supports
HQ+Armored Infantry Btn(BTR60)+supports
2xFAO+ 3 152mm, 2S3 M1973 batteries
6x 122mm, 2S1 M1974 batteries(attached to the BMP Btns as direct support, 3 batteries each)
Attack Helicopters x2 (Mi24Hind F)
All the Soviet Btns where at 66% to represent previous loses after their encounter with the Canadians.

Pt2 how it played up next.

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