Saturday 15 February 2014

British vs Soviets

Played a game of CWC today, Brits vs Soviets. A lot of stuff on the table so we only managed 4 turns, so it was called a draw, though the British had inflicted significantly more casualties on the advancing Russians. First up the Soviets, a mix of Motor rifle and Armour with plenty of artillery from Corps and Divisional assets. 
The Soviets

more Soviets

yet more Soviets

some more Soviets

finaly some more Soviets
 The British consisted of Mechanised Infantry and Armour as well as a battalion of Territorial Army(TA) in 4 ton trucks and a battalion of the Parachute Regiment on foot.
British infantry



British armour

Harrier and Jaguar

Lynx AH1s


  1. Just a few Soviets then :) Great looking game look forward to more, more, more.
    Richard P

    1. Hi Richard,
      about 20000pts of Soviets including lots and lots of scheduled artillery!

  2. They look great. I'm not usually a huge fan of basing vehicles but the tread marks are a really nice touch. I wasn't sure about the quality of H&R vehicles as I'm a bit spoiled by GHQ but they look lovely so I will probably get a bunch soon. They're also a bit easier on the pocketbook :)