Monday, 19 August 2013

American Support Units

Support units consist of anti tank, air defence and self propelled mortars organised as direct support under command of a HQ or as general support commanded by the CO.
The anti tank company consists of 4 Improved Tow Vehicles by Heroics and Ros.

TOW vehicles

TOW vehicles
 Air defence is either a  M163 Vulcan or  M730 Chapparrel,  with a pair of Stinger teams in Hummers, all by H&R.

M163 Vulcan & M730 Chapparral

M163 & M730

Stinger Teams

Stinger Teams ans Hummers
Finally direct fire support is provided by a M125 81mm mortar carrier and a M106 107mm mortar carrier, both by H&R.

M106 & M125

M106 & M125

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