Saturday, 10 August 2013

American Artillery

Traditionally the main killing arm of any army is its artillery. These units tend to be some of its most technologically advanced units, the American army is no exception, fielding some of the most up to date units of any modern army. The most common of these is the M109 series of self propelled howitzers.
The artillery is organised into 2, 3 battery units and a support vehicle. The M109A1 is by H&R and the M922 FASVV is by Scotia.


M109s and M922
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  1. Very nice indeed, how on earth do you get such good results with camo designs at this scale?

  2. Hi AL,
    thanks for the positive comments. Following Zaloga's guide helped as well as the colour selection I decided to use. Most of the photographs I looked at appear to be in the winter verdant scheme, and I feel this combination works well at this scale. A fine brush also helps for the sand and the black!