Monday, 27 May 2013

New British and Yet More Soviets!

Some of the guys on the Cold War Commander forum were surprised at the quality of the Heroics and Ross Challenger 2 and Chieftain tank models. I must admit I was impressed with these offerings from H&R an wondered if they had been remolded at some point. This prompted me to dig out the command units I did for my Brits a few years back.

H&R Challenger and Chieftain

H&R Challenger and Chieftain
Not that you can tell much from the painted models but I think they were probably of the same quality as the newer casts  I featured in my previous post.

As I'm doing some new units for the British the unwritten law of the "little lead arms race" comes into force. The Soviets I had been working on had to be finished to maintain the status quo. Some T72s by H&R(SM03). These are T72Ms but they will do as Soviet T72As.

T72 battalion

HQ T72 and BRDM2u
Also recently completed a battalion of H&R T62Ms(SM59). You don't see many pictures of Soviet T62s with sand shields out side of Afghanistan but this is such a nice model I decided to use it anyway.
T62 battalion

HQ T62 and BRDM2

As well as the two tank battalions some more engineering units have been finished. These are all by Scotia and consist of MDK 2M Rotary Excavator (RM0061), a ST210 Mobile Crane(RM0062), a BTM Trench Digger(RM0026) and a TMS65 Decontamination Tank (RM0079)

Soviet Engineering units

Soviet Engineering units

Soviet Engineering units


  1. Great work Stephen. May i ask you which colour do you usually use for uk modern tanks a for the modern soviet army. I usually use vallejo paints so i could be very interested to have your opinion. Tjanks in advance. Marco

    1. Hi Marco,
      the colours I use are, for the British Humbrol 66 olive green, and for the Soviets Vallejo 096(70894)cam olive green/Russian green.
      Hope this helps,