Sunday, 17 February 2013

More Works in progress.

Picked up some of Timecasts  excellent  apartment blocks(23/004) from their modern range. All based on mdf with embossed plastic card for the paving. Speaking to them at the York show  they are hoping to release some more modern buildings later on in the year.
front view
Front view close up

Rear view close up
I have also started on the final MIL24 "HIND F"(SMA507),  from Heroics and Ros , for my attack helicopter squadron. A very nice model, cleanly cast with virtually no flash and simple to assemble.

H&R MIL24 "F"

H&R MIL24 "F"

H&R MIL24 "F"


  1. I've got a load of Timecast waiting to be painted so I shall follow your progress with interest.