Sunday, 6 January 2013

Soviet Engineering Vehicles.

To compliment the bridging units and also deal with other engineering tasks the soviets use a number of specialist vehicles. First up are the H&R(SM83) and Scotia(RM0027) versions of the T55 based IMR combat engineers vehicle .Both are nice models though the Scotia model is a fraction larger than the H&R offering, in keeping with the rest of their tanks.
H&R and Scotia IMR CEV

H&R and Soctia IMR CEV
Scotia also produce two specialist versions of the MTLB . MTLB Engineers vehicle(RM0173) and MTP-LB(RM0172).
MTP-LP & MTLB Engineers vehicle

MTP-LB & MTLB Engineers vehicle

Finally to deal with those NATO mine fields we have some MTK 2 Mine Counter Measures vehicles by H&R (SM75)


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