Sunday, 6 January 2013

Bits and pieces.

I was fortunate to get given some new models for Christmas. I've even managed to get some finished as well as based and under coated. Being in basic Soviet green these models can be finished quite quickly. With Arctic Strike in mind I've cracked on with another infantry battalion, this time in Heroics&Ros BTR60s(SM16). 3 infantry companies, an ATGW platoon and a SPG9 recoilless rifle platoon as well as an HQ.The HQ consists of a BTR-60PA command vehicle (SM77) and a BRDM2u command vehicle (SM78).
BTR60 battalion

BTR60 company  and support company to the rear.
BRDM2u and BTR60 PA

 Here are a couple of comparison shots between Scotia's BTR60 PB(RM0056) and H&R's(SM16).

Scotia and H&R BTR60s

Scotia and H&R BTR60s
I've also got an odd model of a H&R BTR70 (SM15).


 Finally some additional fire support for my airborne, a company of H&R ASU85s(SM27).
H&R ASU85s

H&R ASU85s
Next post will possibly be APCs and MICVs, so BTR80s and BMP1s and 2s.


  1. Good stuff again.

    Is the H&R BTR60PA easy to mount he aerial rig on? I have the Scotia one and it's always a faff!


  2. Hi Andy, the H&R ones not too bad as long as the longest part of the aerial has cast properly. I think I've seen the Scotia one but it was quite a while ago. I'll post a picture of the H&R as it comes out of the bag so you can see what I mean.