Sunday, 21 October 2012

Saturdays game | After Action Pictures

Managed to get a game on Saturday against Danny at the Grimsby club. we decided on the breakthrough scenario from the Coldwar Commander rule book. British attacking with ten thousand points, Soviets defending with five thousand points, just for a change. I arrived first and set the table up.

Aerial view

The town from the South

Close up of the town from the East
We then set out our forces as per the OOB's for 1985.

10,000 pts British
Aircraft, Helos & Artillery

Chieftans, Chalengers & supports

Para Battalion

Infantry, FV432's & supports

Para HQ

CO & tracked Rapier

Soviets 5,000pts
soviet air defence SA8 & SA9

Mil 24 "Hind"

Soviet CO
MTLB's & 120 mm Mortars

T64's & BMP2's
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